Bejeweled Extensions is based out of Charlotte, NC. We are strictly online as we do not offer a storefront currently. However, we are working on something special so stay tune!
Yes, you can pick up in Charlotte. We asked that you allow up to 24 hours for pickup Notification (Received if placing order online). If you need to pick up the order sooner, please TEXT 704-909-9001 with name and order number for additional arrangements. We will make every effort to accommodate you if we can do so.

If you are paying cash, we will need at least a two- hour window to prepare your order. (Taxes apply to cash orders as well)
Bejeweled Extensions offers delivery to select areas of Charlotte, NC only. Delivery fees may incur depending on area. However, all orders will have to be placed on the website prior to delivery to ensure you are able to agree to the terms and conditions of ordering from Bejeweled Extensions. Your order total must be over $300.00 for delivery.
Bejeweled Extensions is 100% virgin hair meaning this hair is not chemically processed, relaxed or dyed prior to you receiving. Bejeweled hair extensions has been tested and with proper hair care your jewels are 100% reusable and should last up to six months.

We now offer clip-ins and raw textures to accommodate every girl’s need!
Virgin hair refers to hair that is not chemically processed, relaxed, or dyed. In other words, it means the hair is untouched.
Your jewels can last for however long you provide proper care to them. Our Jewels have been proven to last with proper care from 6 to 72 months.
Our straight jewels are true to length while the textures that have a pattern are measured when hair is pulled straight.
Absolutely! Your jewels are able to be straightened, curl, and styled as you desire.
Absolutely! Your jewels are 100% virgin meaning unprocessed and has not been processed in anyway. You can color your hair, however once coloring-remember your hair is no longer virgin. It is important to keep colored hair conditioned and moisturized as you would do with your own hair.

*Please be advised once your extensions are colored, they are then considered “altered.” We are not responsible for the extensions once altered.

Please consult with a colorist if you are not familiar with coloring extensions.
Our raw collection has not been steam processed or chemically altered in any way. In addition, the raw collection is only being provided from one donor. This is the most natural state you can purchase in the market and highest quality of hair. Virgin hair has been steam processed to give certain textures such as your deepwave or curly extensions.
Closures are designed to cover the section of your install where your part will be. This is typically at the front of your head rather it be a middle part or side part. The bigger the closures the more coverage as our closures run from 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6. You can choose your lace of your closure ranging from brown, transparent (lighter lace/more see through), or HD ( being the highest of the laces in the market).

The lace frontal is going to cover the entire perimeter with that being either 13x4 or 13x6. With using a frontal, you are able to be more flexible in styling and parting of the install. Same lace options apply.
To achieve a full sew-in look we recommend approximately 8 to 10 ounces of hair. Each of your jewels weighs 3.5 ounces. For lengths 20” or longer we recommend at least THREE bundle of jewels. For lengths 22” or longer to achieve and even more full look we suggest up to FOUR jewels. Keep in mind: the longer the hair, the shorter the weft.
Density defines the thickness of a wig. The standard choice is going to be 150% density with the 200% density being the thickest. Density is important when determining the look, you are wanting to go for. 150% will give a fuller and more voluminous look, 180% will give a full and high-volume look, and 200% density will give full volume.
Adding an extra/s bundle will help add volume to the wig. It is a common thing to do if you are not having your wig custom made using your other “jewels” from our company.
Full lace wigs allow extreme versatility. These units come with combs and are completely adjustable including strap. These wigs are offered in brown lace, HD lace, and transparent lace. You can style and part as you desire. The wigs are available in (3) different sizes (Small 21.5 head circumference), medium (22.5 head circumference), and large (23’ head circumference).
The wigs are available in (3) different sizes (Small 21.5 head circumference), medium (22.5 head circumference), and large (23’ head circumference).

*You measure your head by going around the entire edge of your head. You are making a circle for measurement.
Co-washing is also known as conditioner washing- a way of cleaning your jewels without the use of shampoo. Co-washing is often considered good for curly hair.
Do not wash your closure vigorously or roughly. Gently comb if you co- wash it.
No we do not seal our jewels. If you would like your jewels sealed- that is something you would have to seek in doing.
Please advise that when bleaching hair, bleach does make the hair slightly fragile and easier to shed due to the hair bonds being broken. Bejeweled extensions recommend using argan oil to help with daily hydrating of the hair and washing weekly.

*Please be advised once your extensions are colored, they are then considered “altered.” We are not responsible for the extensions once altered.

Please consult with a colorist if you are not familiar with coloring extensions.
Although baby hairs will be seen on your frontal, we do not consider this pre-plucked. We recommend customization of all frontals for your desired look to be achieved. Our Transparent and HD frontals do have more plucking than the medium brown.
Currently, we are working to keep the website and stocks updated online. If the items you ordered are out of stock, you will receive an email notifying you of any substitutions or if you would like to cancel your order until items are stocked.
Sezzle is a buy now- pay later payment option provided for our Jewel Gang. We are not affiliated with this company at all. It is strictly a payment option that allows you to make (4) interest-free payments over (6) weeks. According to Sezzle they do run a soft credit check so their is no negative hit to your credit score (found on their site) To learn more about Sezzle, visit their website: WWW. SEZZLE.COM.
Your order will ship according to our policy standards, if not sooner. We do not hold your order until Sezzle has collected the fourth payment.
Their are a number of reasons that could be preventing approval with Sezzle such as length of time using Sezzle, overall value of the new order, etc. To find out more about your denial, we encourage you to call Sezzle customer service.
All orders are processed within three business days excluding the weekend and holidays. You can expect your order to be received within 4-7 business days once processing is complete. Tracking information is emailed to the email provided during your order submission. If for someone reason the jewels are not in stock due to a special sale or promotion, you can expect to receive your hair within 5-10 business days once processing in completed. *Expedited shipping is available at checkout which is 2-3 business days once processing is complete within 1-2 business days.
We will ship your package via Fedex or USPS. All packages will require a signature from someone at your resident. For packages over $250.00 it will require a DIRECT SIGNATURE from the name on the order. We are now introducing additional insurance option where you can cover your package while checking out. If you opt out of the additional insurance, it is no guarantee if your package is lost or damage Bejeweled Extensions will be able to recover your order. We will do our very best to work with courier for solution.
Route is our package insurance. It is available for purchase for a very small fee at checkout when selecting your shipping method. Both our international and domestic customers can opt-in for Route. Customers who are protected under Route can file claims to receive a replacement or a refund back for packages that are lost in transit, arrive damaged, or are stolen. The claim filing process includes three steps and is completely self-serve and easy to do. (Coming April 2021)
We only ship to the matching billing address. We will not ship to an alternate address. We know it is completely possible to have two different, but in order to protect your funds and our company- we will only abide by our policy.

*Your order will be cancel if it does not match.
Our website accessible 24/7. We currently do not have any storefronts and pickup is available from 9am-6pm eastern Monday-Friday in Charlotte, NC. We are typically available two Saturdays out the month for local pickup and shipping. Their will be no pickup on Sundays unless specified.
We are committed to providing you the best experience possible. Bejeweled will try to accommodate any reasonable request within a 24-hour time frame from once you place your order. Please contact us immediately at
We exercise a very strict quality control process to ensure that you are receiving the very best virgin hair. All orders are tripled checked for accuracy and quality. No RETURNS will be accepted under any conditions. We will offer exchange within 7 days of your order receipt for any unopened, unaltered, unworn, and undamaged jewels. All tags and packaging must be included with return. Exchange must be for equal or more value.

If you would like to make an exchange:

Include the following: Name, Order Number, Phone number, Email address, and exchange details.

We will approve your exchange. Once approve, you have 24 hours to ship out product as we would need to receive within that 7 day timeframe.

*Please include tracking on your package as we are not RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR DAMAGE PACKAGES.
Your wig density refers to how thick or thin the hair will be on your lace wig. Common popularity of wig density that are typically ordered are between 150%-180%. We offer up to 250% density for some wigs depending on your preference.
150%- is more of a natural/ full look with the wig not being to thick or thin.

180%- is a more of a voluminous look with some added fullness to the wig.

200%- is more of a heavy fullness for those who like an extra thick wig.
Hair length should always be considered when purchasing your wigs. The wigs will not look the same depending on the length. That is why density plays a major factor when selecting your wigs.

26-30” 200%+

*Remember these are recommendations, not required. If you only see one density offered, that means you are still getting a wig full of quality.
All WIGS are non-refundable. No exceptions.

*Please be sure of your wig order as we will not be able to offer exchange or return.
Our blonde wigs are only offered in 150% density currently. If you would like your wig thicker than the 150% density, you would most likely want to add a bundle or pieces of the bundle to achieve more thickness.
Wigs are restocked every Wednesday of the week.
We are currently not offering this service but will have offer full custom wigs at least twice a month. They will be very limited. Once that custom wig has sold, we will not restock unless requested.
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